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Shaati Education

Grd 7

Grd 7

Free, premium and subscription-based Mathematics worksheets aligned with the Grade 7 CAPS curriculum.

4 to 7 digit addition column sums. 10 pages with 28 sums per page. Includes answers...
Math Algebra Functions: Input and output values are given together with an equation. The missing value needs to be solved. Answers are included...
Mathematics comparing numbers to hundred thousands. 1 page of 34 number comparison. Does not include answers...
Drawing angles 1
Mathematics: Drawing angles, 5 pages with seven angles to draw on each. Includes the protractor. ..
3.00R 1.50R
Mathematics: Drawing angles, 5 pages with 8 angles per page. A protractor is not drawn in. ..
Mathematics: Construct triangles by drawing the correct angle. Consists of 5 pages with 4 triangles on each page. ..
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